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OUR MISSION: To present ideas from the smartest & wisest money managers, economists & analysts. Those who have proven themselves over years of market cycles are distinguished with a star*. Others may be posted for novel ideas, for presenting mainstream views, or for having been 'Dreadful Advisers' (DA). Cliff Küle seeks to be a 'filter' of quality from the vast quantity of presentations related to money.

- To present an unusual view of economics & markets: DEFINE YOUR MONEY. How is your money issued & controlled? Understand its design before trying to understand economics & markets. Today's U.S.$ is different than designed & defined in the U.S. Constitution. The power to issue & control today's $ is Private, not Public; Controlled, not Free & not 'Free Market'. Most Americans don't seem to understand the difference between today's $ & the $ the founding fathers established in order to keep Americans free. Today's $ has made the people indebted to the government while the government is beholden to a cartel that controls the money. This is the situation that Andrew Jackson fought valiantly to reject. It is what Thomas Jefferson forewarned ... it is what Alexander Hamilton & George Washington committed to avoid .. Today's $ is 'defined' by the major banks that control the Federal Reserve. In this way, they influence how all the money is created & spent, while everyone else (the 99% & their children) pay the bill. The 'Fed' (& the banks that control it) have a great 'gig', but is not the way the U.S. Constitution designed it .. Consider the irony that ..U.S. babies are born deep in debt; in a nation founded on the principle: 'No Taxation Without Representation'!

- We want our readers to understand Alexander Hamilton's words: 'Unfunded Money Is The Engine of Fraud'! & Jefferson's: 'control of money is a greater threat to liberty than any foreign army' .. understand how TODAY'S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS ARE EXACTLY AS THE FOUNDING FATHERS WARNED.

- The heart to economics is: 'How have you defined your MONEY?' That is a POLITICAL decision .. yet both political parties support control of the money by the same 'special interests'. Since money is 'lifeblood' to the economy, control of the money means control of the country .. U.S. citizens should understand & debate the issue that the U.S.$ is not owned & controlled of the people, by the people or for the people. The $ is owned & controlled by those who got the monopoly contract to control it in 1913 .. Americans are not allowed to audit them, much less, know exactly who they are.

- We
present views that challenge assumptions; even our own. Critical evaluation of opposing views is essential for intellectual honesty & to avoid joining the lamestream media.

Cliff Küle's Notes seeks to economize your reading & study time... we read volumes & choose the most interesting & insightful to present. Cliff Küle summarizes texts so that your precious time is most productive.

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'Hmm.. I Know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I'm not sure that what you heard is what I meant.'

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