Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Federal Reserve Critic Looking For A Seat 
At The Table? - Dr. Ron Paul* Speaks Out
Could the Federal Reserve’s harshest critic now be prepared to become part of the very entity he was trying to end? The Campaign for Liberty, the organization founded by former congressman and two-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, is looking to get Paul appointed to the Federal Reserve Board. It’s a surprise announcement since Paul, arguably the most famous libertarian, has championed the Audit the Fed and End the Fed movements. Kitco News spoke with Paul and he confirmed that the Campaign for Liberty is looking to do exactly that; getting Paul a voice in the Fed. When pressed on whether this is a position he wanted, Paul hedged that it would be “interesting” but the odds of him being appointed are “pretty slim.” “You have to be realistic that the Fed is pretty much a closed club. It would be interesting to do it – and it would be difficult not to do it …I think we have to keep the heat on them and they have to explain why they wouldn’t consider a person like myself and that might be to our advantage to call attention to monetary policy.” .. 6 minutes

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