Saturday, December 03, 2016

The End Of Globalism
 - With Doug Casey
Dr. Ron Paul* report .. Is the globalism that seeks to concentrate power in a few unelected international bodies like the UN and IMF about to spectacularly crash? Will a new internationalism, driven by technology, replace the geographic nationalism of the 20th century? .. 25 minutes

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Anonymous said...

It has become vogue to imagine that the United states belongs to everyone. Trump will look after American interests first. That is the job.

The previous administration imagined it was elected by the world. TrueDo is like that. He collects Canadian tax dollars from the more deserving people of Canada and uses then to attempt to solve world problems (e.g. Syrian refugees, climate change imagined or not). When he wastes other people's money he is always there showing everyone how goodie good he is. The man is like Obama. Obama was a world citizen. TrueDo also considers himself as a world citizen first. I noticed some time back that when he spoke he used the term world citizen, like as if that was his constituency.

Unfortunately, other countries do not follow that Philosophy. They are out for themselves and they build great armies to establish their legitimacy. No sir the world is not a bed of roses. There are still communists and Islamic armies that Obama would not even associate with that religion calling them simply terrorists (with tanks, taxes and passports etc). Thank God for the American people who have elected someone that represents the USA.