Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stocks Too High? Bullishness Is Higher 
Than 2000 & 2007
McAlvany Commentary .. Stocks Today Third Most Overvalued Extreme In History! 2015 Gave Us Negative Interest Rates For The First Time in History. 2016 World Leaders Warm Up To Cashless Society .. 45 minutes

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Is money burning holes in your pockets? Do you want to be rid of it? Do you like the idea of giving the perfect gift to your friendly neighborhood bankster?

If so, CME, Inc. has just the deal for you. Their precious metals futures exchange, also known as “COMEX”, will allow you put your money at risk, with no return on investment, beginning on January 9, 2017. It is on that date that it will unveil its new so-called “gold and silver spot” contract.

Careful reading of the minutae of the contract announcement reveals the truth and it isn’t pretty. Unfortunately, most people won’t read the contract and many who do read won’t understand. That’s why entities like CME, Inc. get away with so much. That is also why I am going to make an effort to educate people to this scam. First, let’s look at how cleverly COMEX discloses the truth, even as it defrauds its customers: