Sunday, December 04, 2016

Martin Armstrong On Financial Repression
"We tend to assume that the freedom of movement is confined solely to migration and travel. There are four aspects to the freedom of movement, and migration or travel is only one .. There are four facets to the freedom of movement, which people far too often do not look at or understand their vital role in furthering the development of civilization. What truly made Rome a great enduring Empire was more than just might. Roman imperial history cannot ignore the freedom of movement in all four aspects: 1.) translation of texts, practices, and ideas; 2.) communication or the movement of written documents (i.e. today’s internet, phone calls, and texting); 3.) migration (i.e. officials, merchants, students, etc.); and 4.) the free movement of goods and services. The interrelationships among the four aspects of the freedom of movement are critical to the advancement of civilization .. The freedom of translation is denied all the time and governments employ such tactics out of their self-interests. Today, this would include books, movies, and also the internet. Turkey, for example, blocked Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube throughout Turkey on Friday, November 4, 2016. They also blocked the messaging services WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram .. The aspect of communication in the freedom of movement involves written documents, phone calls, and texting .. Restricting this aspect of free movement changes the role of the state as well as relations between individuals and states .. The third aspect of the freedom of movement is migrating one’s actual person .. There are already visa requirements for many states that are typically used when there are concerns of migration .. The fourth aspect of the freedom of movement is goods and services."
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