Thursday, December 08, 2016

From Our Archives Earlier This Year:
Honest & Sound Money
 vs. Federal Reserve Notes
"the idea is to foster a monetary & banking system
 which is  free of government control & oversight" 
Free Marketeer (Austrian Economics) Richard Ebeling essay published at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) on The Federal Reserve and Sound Money .. Ebeling sees the current environment as being a time of monetary chaos resulting in economic instability & sluggish economic growth due to central bank mismanagement of the money supply & interest rate manipulation .. he emphasizes that money must be restored to the marketplace & out of the hands of the political arena of central banking .. The first step in this direction can be a return to some form of a gold standard, under which the supply of money in the economy is determined by market forces of supply & demand, with market-based interest rates coordinating choices of savers with the profit-oriented decisions of investors .. the idea is to foster a monetary & banking system which is free of government control & oversight .. "We are living in a time of monetary chaos. The U.S. Federal Reserve has manipulated key interest rates down to practically zero for the last six years, and expanded the money supply in the banking system by $4 trillion over that period. And with the true mentality of the monetary central planner, the Fed Board of Governors now plans to manipulate key interest rates in an upward direction that they deem more desirable .. There is no way of knowing the optimal amount of money in the economy other than allowing market participants in the competitive exchange process to decide what they want to use as money –‒ which has historically been a commodity such as gold or silver. And there is no way of knowing what interest rates should be other than allowing the market forces of supply and demand for lending and borrowing to determine those interest rates."


Anonymous said...

Gold & Silver Paper Has Been Rigged for 20 years - Podcast
Rigged Markets are the Norm

by Soren K of MarketSlant-The only reason we are even starting to get to the bottom of the LME Silver and Gold scandals is because the game in those markets is over. The carpet baggers have moved on to more fertile fields like China and India. Listen as a 25 year professional with experience on both sides of the fence gives a 1000 foot overview how investors are squeezed from above, via government policies, and from below through trading execution.
Vince Lanci reacts to LME Silver and Gold Fix scandals. He describes how
all markets are rigged both top-down and bottom-up against the public.
Vince is a 25 year Energy and Metals trader. He is expert in Trade
Forensics and Market Structure analysis, and has contributed to
Zerohedge and MarketSlant several times on metals manipulation mechanics.

go ahead take it down .........

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A Letter to Goldmoney Inc. Investors

As a student of history, I fail to recall any prior period where the entire global population self-organized in a manner that was so acquiescent to government and central command. We’ve seen periods with wars, famine, hyperinflations, and poorly conceived social and economic systems in one country or another. However, in every era there was an obvious “lighthouse” economy whether it was the USA in the early 20th century, the UK in the 19th century, France and Netherlands in the 18th and 17th centuries, Spain in the 16th century etc. That lighthouse economy usually operated under a commodity money standard and welcomed decentralized experimentation rather than centralized control of the free market.

Can we honestly refer to any period where every nation operated entirely on fiat money, debt-driven consumption, fiscal and trade deficits, and top down “control” of the business cycle?

The blind faith being placed in governments and central command is manifest in our present era. People everywhere continue to ignore the lessons of hyperinflation, even though all the signs are pointing to this outcome. Coal mine canaries are being ignored whether it’s Venezuela, where cash littered on the streets is deemed worthless or Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa, all of whom have recently experienced some level of hyperinflation over the past two years. Then there is India, where ATM’s are running out of cash, leading to a reversion back to barter.

In his book The Raven of Zurich, Felix Somary, who became one of the richest men in the world having founded the predecessor of Bank Sarasin in Geneva, identifies two indicators that warn of an impending hyperinflation or economic collapse: (1) When governments begin fiddling with the country’s money to manipulate its value; (2) Populism and rising nationalism.