Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Rising Civil Unrest In America
Is Highly Dangerous For The Future
Will The Millennials Lead The Charge?
Martin Armstrong: "Lenin argued that to understand politics you must understand all of society, not just workers and their economic struggles with their employers. Therefore, to move the workers to become political and to become Marxists, they needed to learn about all of society, not just their own small corner of within it. This is very important to understand because this is the same precise formula in operation today among the American youth. They are not the 'workers' for most are simply students .. They do not understand the principle that Wall Street raises money to fund small business helping them grow to create jobs and the economy. Instead, the bankers engaged in proprietary trading are viewed as Wall Street .. Beware of the youth. They are easily influenced and will have little regard for life for they will see themselves throughout history as the great reformers. They will not listen to Trump nor will they give him a chance for the majority of newspapers and mainstream media will attack Trump at every possible opportunity since they are bought and paid for by the establishment. We are witnessing the second American Revolution in its infancy. The United States will break apart as was the case with Rome. .. The great divide in the United States will get much worse and Hillary will be the spokesperson to lead the nation into socialist chaos .. Centralized government is the doom of humankind."
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