Monday, November 28, 2016

The Gold Chronicles With Jim Rickards* 
How Complexity Theory, Behavioral Psychology, Bayesian models used at PGF were used by Jim Rickards to predict Trump win .. Comments on projected effects of Trump Presidency on U.S. economy, world economy, & gold .. There are contradictory forces within the Trump administration, so projecting certain details are not yet clear .. If Trump cuts taxes and spends $1 Trillion on infrastructure without private capital it will blow a hole in the annual deficit .. Trumps economic plan is basically the Reagan plan - the current environment is very different this time facing headwinds and a much higher debt to GDP .. If the Fed accommodates Trump on his economic plan, then Trump is the "Helicopter Money" President and inflation is then guaranteed .. If the Fed leans into inflation instead it could force economy into recession .. Comments on $9 Trillion emerging market corporate debt crisis .. 27 minutes ..

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