Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Election Results Don't Matter?
The Ruling Elite Will Resist Real Change
[Cliff Rant: This election has been very entertaining & we don't want to burst anyone's bubble OR console the losers who believe the propaganda that said this election was essential to the future of the world. Our message has been consistent: IF you don't change those who control the creation & distribution of money, then you won't get real change. Unless someone dismantles the Federal Reserve Scheme, all changes are superficial. Charles Hugh Smith adds that changes from the Digital Revolution could make a difference .. much more than Trump in the White House.]
Charles Hugh Smith*: "Though it has been billed as the main event for months, the presidential election has always been a side show--or from one point of view, a freak show .. It doesn't matter much which unpopular candidate wins as the issues facing the nation are far larger than partisan politics .. The Ruling Elite will never allow real reform because real reform threatens their dominance and wealth. Instead, the Ruling Elite proposes modest policy tweaks that increase their dominance by limiting innovation and competition .. The core problem is the Status Quo and its Ruling Elite rely on centralized hierarchies, regulatory capture and mobile capital to protect their dominance from innovation and competition. This aligned perfectly with the centralized World War II-era state-cartel/ central-bank mode of production that has dominated the economy and society since 1945. But the Industrial-Digital Revolution is destabilizing these inflexible, centralized hierarchies which cannot compete with decentralized, flexible networks in output, efficiency or cost."
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