Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Peter Thiel:
"What Trump Represents Is Not Crazy... 
And Is Not Going Away"
"America's overpriced health care system might help subsidize the rest of the world, but that does not help Americans who cannot afford it and they have started to notice .. Our youngest citizens may not have the medical bills, but their college tuition keeps on increasing faster than the rate of inflation, adding more every year to our $1.3 Trillion mountain of student debt .. America has become the only country where students take on loans they can never escape, not even by declaring bankruptcy .. Stuck in this broken system, Millennials are the first generation stuck in this broken system .. Millennials are the first generation that expect their own lives to be worse than the lives of their parents, while American family expenses have been increasing relentlessly, their incomes have been stagnant .. A normal country does not have half a trillion dollar trade deficit .. A normal country does not fight five simultaneous undeclared wars."
- Peter Thiel

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