Sunday, November 06, 2016

Is The Federal Reserve Blowing 
The Biggest Bubble In History?
Essay explains the evolution & drivers on how the Federal Reserve kept interest rates too low for too long, & the unintended consequences of this approach .. "Yellen has the responsibility of being in charge. So she’s going to keep the punch bowl filled and let the keg party rage on her watch… just like Greenspan. That means she’ll continue to be creative with excuses to keep rates low and asset prices fully inflated, threatening to create the biggest market bubble we’ve ever seen. After all, she learned from a master. Alan Greenspan was a bubble blower extraordinaire. And Janet Yellen was his prized student. But when the next bubble pops, the Fed won’t be able to raise asset prices yet again because the bullets will have left the chamber. At that moment, we will officially be Japan—no more stock market wealth effect to trick investors into believing they are rich. The jig will be up."
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