Sunday, November 13, 2016

Here Is Trump's Infrastructure Plan 
- see below the entire plan:
Will It Work? - Many Are Saying No!
GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod explains: "President-elect Trump stated in his victory speech that he intends to make America great again by infrastructure spending. Unfortunately, he is unlikely to have the room for maneuver to achieve this ambition as well as his intended tax cuts, because the Government’s finances are already in a perilous state. It is also becoming increasingly likely that the next fiscal year will be characterized by growing price inflation and belated increases in interest rates, against a background of rising raw material prices. That being the case, public finances are not only already fragile, but they are likely to become more so from now on, without any extra spending on infrastructure or fiscal stimulus. So far, most informed commentaries on the prospects for inflation have concentrated on the negative effects of an expansionary monetary policy on the private sector .. Central banks, which have a limited understanding of markets and even less of economics, as we have demonstrated, are only too willing to encourage government deficit spending, because they themselves can provide no other answer. That leaves a U.S. Government, with a debt to GDP ratio already over 100%, going on a spending-spree to rescue a failing economy .. The monetary debasement component that finances an escalating budget deficit will only impoverish the long-suffering actors on Main Street even more, and the additional government bond issues required will drive up the cost of borrowing for everyone. Instead he should be reducing his administration’s overall commitments, and getting out of people’s lives. Take a note out of Silent Cal Coolidge’s book, and become a great President. I wish him luck."
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Anonymous said...

I suppose he will do what he has always done .... declare bankruptcy (i.e. default on the debt grown under the previous administration) and start again. Yahhh whoo ! Problem solved.