Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Former Assistant 
To The Secretary Of The U.S. Treasury:
Can The American People Defeat 
The Oligarchy That Rules Them? 
"This is how the American Oligarchy destroys those it suspects might not serve its interests. The self-serving Oligarchy makes sure that it owns the government and the media, the think tanks and increasingly all of the major universities, and, of course, through the presstitutes, Americans’ minds .. The Oligarchs are now hard-pressed to rescue Hillary as U.S. President .. The One Percent’s power makes them immune to law .. the Oligarchy wants more concentration and more control. Looks like they will be getting it, thanks to the corrupt U.S. government. The Federal Trade Commission is supposed to enforce U.S. anti-trust law. Instead, the federal agency routinely violates U.S. anti-trust law by permitting monopoly concentrations of business interests .. We now have 'banks too big to fail,' unregulated Internet monopoly, and the evisceration of a dispersed and independent media. Not so long ago there was a field of economics known as anti-trust. Ph.D. candidates specialized in and wrote dissertations about public control of monopoly power. I assume that this field of economics, like the America of my youth, no longer exists."
- Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
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