Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First the War on Cash, 
Then The War On Gold
It's Financial Repression
"The global elites are using negative interest rates and inflation to make your money disappear. The whole idea of the war on cash is to force savers into digital bank accounts so their money can be taken from them in the form of negative interest rates. One way to avoid negative interest rates is to go to physical cash.. They can’t impose negative interest rates on cash. In order to prevent people from using that option, the elites have launched a war on cash, as recent events have borne out. The war on cash is old news, but it is escalating rapidly… I’ve said for a while that the war on cash would be followed quickly by a war on gold. India may prove the point .. One solution to negative interest rates is to buy physical gold. But if the government has a war on cash, can the war on gold be far behind? Probably not .. Gold is almost the only way to avoid the plans for confiscation that Rogoff and the other elites have in mind."
- Jim Rickards*
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