Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doug Casey: He Called The Trump Win,
Now He Is Calling For This
Prominent investor & political pundit Doug Casey had been calling for a Trump presidency for over a year, while most were expecting Hillary Clinton to win by a landslide. Now, he’s calling for potential super bubbles & inflationary pressures .. On Trump, he says he is not pleased with his potential cabinet picks so far because they are all candidates who have been part of the political system for some time. "I’d like to see him go out and get outsiders as opposed to professional political hacks, which is what he’s recruiting.".. 6 minutes

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Anonymous said...

Casey should not fret so much. The life expectancy of a job with Trump as a boss is probably going to be quite short once he has figured out how to work the levers of power. Even Trump needs to figure out how it all works before he sets course.

He is not a care taker of the status quo, which is at best what could have been expected from Hillary. Watch out below. Change is coming ! It would take a significant change in character for him not to institute change, and for him not to lay bare his private thoughts as to why the change necessary. At least the American people will be told up front the "why" and not treated as immature idiots who have to be pacified and thoughts processed as an inconvenient consequence of holding power.