Monday, November 07, 2016

Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair 
Interview Greg Hunter & Vice Versa
Greg Hunter: They wanted to get my take on the state of journalism, or the propaganda mainstream media. They also wanted to get a read on what many of my guests have been saying over the past several months about what is coming for the economy. I also got to turn the tables about half way through the interview (38:33) & ask questions of two of the smarted guys in the world on finance, markets & precious metals. Interviewing Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter on anything to do with the economy is like interviewing Batman and Superman of the investment world. They have very dire views of what is going to happen in America and the world on November 9th, the day after the Presidential election. They think we are finally going to get the “Houston we have a problem” moment & are warning that everyone should stock up & prepare for a very rough ride. Please keep in mind, this interview was conducted a few days before the FBI reopened its case on the Clinton email scandal .. 1 hour

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