Thursday, November 24, 2016

American Millennials Are Beginning
To Lead America Towards Marxism
Martin Armstrong: "The father of NEGATIVE interest rates and the great supporter of bankers, the establishment, socialism, and anti-democratic process is Larry Summers .. I am becoming deeply concerned that the United States is headed into its version of a communist revolution under the label 'progressive' and the bankers, who Larry Summers has always supported, will be used as the scapegoat for Wall Street and the 'rich' who have to be stripped of their liberty and their money for the 'good of the people' as they always say. The United States does not look like it will be a country we can recognize by 2032 if we can even make it past 2024. The United States will most likely break apart by 2036. There are separatist movements rising in many areas from Vermont and Texas to California, who reason they voted for Hillary not Trump justifying their departure. The entire purpose of eliminating cash is to strip us of our assets, liberty, and to prevent bank runs. The youth, who have been brainwashed by Bernie Sanders and people like Elizabeth Warren, will turn against the older generation and enslave them if at all possible. This threatens our future with outright civil war. They will not be satisfied until they destroy the freedom of their opposition. It is starting to appear that 2036 is our date with destiny."
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Anonymous said...

If he thinks the USA has problems imagine what he must think about Canada under TrueDo, who was elected on a platform of of soak the rich and give it all away not only to less deserving Canadians but also to the world and in particular to Sryian refugees.