Tuesday, November 15, 2016

7 Suggestions for President-Elect Trump
From Charles Hugh Smith*
1. Make sure your administration is as diverse as America.
2. Wage total war on regulatory capture and bureaucratic fiefdoms. Everyone knows federal regulations are completely out of control on several fronts. Yes, there is a need for regulations to protect the nation's air, water and resources from despoliation, its labor force from exploitation, its food supply from unhealthy additives and foreign-sourced toxic products, and so on. These safeguard regulations should be rigorously enforced. But K Street lobbyists and the Corporatocracy they represent have mastered the art of regulatory capture: digging regulatory moats so deep and so wide that competition cannot possibly afford to meet the regulatory burdens imposed by the central state. This is how we've ended up with a high-cost, ineffective, inefficient state-cartel economy.
3. Accredit the student, not the school/college. America's education system is unaffordable and failing for one simple reason: we accredit the school/college, not the student's knowledge/skill. By eliminating the central-planning accreditation racket of schools/colleges, we would take away the power of this cartel to relentlessly strip-mine taxpayers and students while providing ineffectual near-zero-market-value education.
4. Promote decentralized, bottoms-up localized solutions rather than top-down centralized programs. .
5. Lower the corporate income tax rate to a flat 5% for all domestic corporations. 
6. Increase the security of America's work force and households by encouraging entrepreneurism and food/ energy/ manufacturing security in the local community economy. 
7. Dismantle the corrosive sense of entitlement that has infected the nation. The way to dismantle the dead-end ideology of entitlement is to promote earning, not getting, and learning real, practical, marketable skills that have value in the emerging economy."
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