Wednesday, November 02, 2016

5* Chart Should Make It Crystal Clear
Those Holding The Power To Create Fiat Money From Nothing Want Everyone To Accept Their Creation Because They Can Become Incredibly Wealthy At Everyone Else's Expense. Restricting Their Power Made Common Sense For Common People, But Without Money Creation Restrictions, Common People Got An Uncommonly Royal Screwing 
What Will It Take To Put Restrictions On The Power To Create Money On Those Who Now Have The Power To Create Money Without Restriction?
During the last 40 years, central banks have gained power they previously could only fantasize about. They were given full control over the currency supply and interest rates. These are the tools to plan booms and depressions. Thanks to such a great authority banks could create bubbles and bursts. The result is the biggest capital migration in history from the middle class to the 1% (advantaged with access to data in advance). Some remnants of the old gold standard limited the power of bankers until 1971, but for 40 years Central Banks & their closest friends enjoyed free reign with no government nor society understanding how to control them .
The last link to the gold standard fell in 1971. Since then, investment banks & central banks have enjoyed an ever-growing orgy
.. Central banks became the hostage of their own actions. Artificially suppressing interest rates for the last 8 years and constant currency printing made them lose all ammunition they were so happy to use during every crisis in the past. 
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