Thursday, October 06, 2016

What Happens Next? 
Mike Maloney makes another 5* presentation. Don't miss it. History shows that once or twice in a generation a crisis comes along that devastates people’s way of life. A fundamental shift so big & drastic and overwhelming that it destroys their standard of living & impacts every area of their lives. We are about to experience one of those events…As Mike Maloney outlines in his brand new episode of the Hidden Secrets of Money, that next major event is deflation. The culprit will be a relatively obscure monetary term that will impact virtually every area of your life: money velocity. You may not know exactly what money velocity means, but we will all soon experience it firsthand. In fact, money velocity will be the culprit of not just deflation, but the resulting inflation - maybe hyperinflation—that will follow .. whether things happen as he suggests .. the concepts are important to understand. 30 minutes

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