Sunday, October 23, 2016

Welcome To Dystopia
Wall St For Main St episode .. discussion on the correction in the precious metals markets, what may stop the correction .. also discussion on the U.S. Presidential debates .. 58 minutes

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read the comments..
On GPS today at 10 am + 1 pm ET on CNN: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein discusses U.S. economy, Wall Street regulation, Hillary Clinton

In the CNN interview, Blankfein pitched his firm’s relationship with the Clintons as part of doing business. He pointed out that Clinton had been a New York senator and said Goldman regularly engages with a host of public officials in the state where it’s headquartered.

“I go out and I meet with editors of newspapers,” he said. “I meet with Republican leaders. It’s necessary for us to do that.”

He expressed confidence Clinton would win the election in November.

“If the worst thing was that we have a history of having engaged positively with Hillary Clinton, that’s not going to annoy me,” Blankfein said.

In the course of interview Blankfein states they were investigated very criminal behavior….which parallels with the Clintons….and white washes all wrongs in the long run and sets a precedent for the future…Winning!….