Friday, October 21, 2016

Two Major Central Bankers
Just Revealed The Next Big Trend ... INFLATION
The Inflation Genie Is Out Of The Bottle?
"Are you ready for inflation? .. On Friday, both the Bank of England AND the U.S. Federal Reserve have given clear signals that they WANT inflation. The Bank of England is prepared to tolerate higher inflation over the next few years and will keep interest rates low to support economic growth, according to Governor Mark Carney .. In a further indication that the Federal Reserve will be inclined to let inflation run hot for a while, Chair Janet Yellen on Friday said it's useful to consider the benefits of a 'high-pressure economy." .. These two announcements hit the same day at roughly the same time. This was a coordinated verbal intervention by two major Central Bank heads .. This is as close as you can possibly get to a Central Banker literally telling you what to buy. Central Banks want inflation and have even signaled that they’re willing to let it run ABOVE their targets. Let’s be clear… once inflation hits, it is almost impossible to control. It’s not as though the Fed can let the inflation genie out of the bottle and solve the issue in a month or two. Inflation ALWAYS spirals out of control first."
Gains Pains & Capital
by Graham Summers of Phoenix Capital Research

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