Thursday, October 06, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton - The Window of Opportunity
Essay: "Observing the presidential elections over the years has been a lot like watching a television series jump the shark. We've gotten to that point where you watch it for the same reason you can't help slowing down and staring as you pass a wreck on the highway. It's the Jerry Springerfication of politics. A morbid fascination with the decline of western civilization."
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Was the First Presidential Debate Rigged?Janet Tavakoli

The Folder

Now let’s have some fun. At the very end of the debate, an unidentified man collected a folder from Secretary Clinton’s podium. Nothing was collected from Mr. Trump’s podium. Then, it appeared as if the man handed off the folder to moderator Lester Holt. But to see this, you have to watch your own DVR recording (or other full recording), because neither the CBS or NBC uploaded versions include this incident at the very end. If it has not already been censored, you may still be able to view it on this Twitter feed, or at this YouTube account.

The mystery man walked up to Holt, gave a slight nod, and seemed to hand Holt the folder. But there is room for doubt. It isn’t clear from the video that the mystery man actually handed the folder to Holt. He may have simply shifted hands to shake Lester’s hand. The full debate footage cuts away at the key moment.

I love a mystery. Who is the man with the folder, and why hasn’t anyone asked him and Mr. Holt about it? What was in the folder, and why was there a folder only at Secretary Clinton’s podium? The Commission on Presidential Debates seems to have dropped the ball again.

The Questions