Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Is For Your Own Good?
No! NOT For Your Own Good .. For The Profit of Those Running The 'Institution'
Those Who Control Central Banks Can Buy Stocks With Money They Create From Thin Air. Then They Can Create More Money To Drive Their Stock Prices Higher. They Can Do That 'For Your Own Good' Until They Own Everything That Everyone Else Worked & Saved For. Don't Think About All The Implications .. It Could Drive You Mad. 
Is The 'System' Criminally Insane?
"THE greatest trick central bankers ever pulled was convincing the world they work for the public & not for the banks." -Brent Johnson
"The Federal Reserve Scheme System Works For The Benefit Of Those Who Own The Institution & Not For The Benefit Of The Public." -Cliff
Central Banks Are Buying Stocks 
- Repost From Archives of November 2015 - 
"Now that the monetary authorities have both the ability to push stocks up by buying them with newly-created currency and a burning need to do so in order to protect their multi-billion dollar equity portfolios, can there be any doubt about the course of monetary policy and general financial intervention in the next couple of years? No there can’t. In effect, Wall Street now gets to decide on stock prices rather than wager on them. Every 5% drop in the S&P 500 will be met with both easier money and direct buying by the Swiss, Japanese, Chinese, European and U.S. central banks. Markets — in their old definition as price signaling mechanisms that tell capitalists what to do with capital — are effectively over. As valuations become more and more unrealistic — either through rising share prices or falling corporate profits the scale of the necessary intervention will expand to the point that central bank equity portfolios will dwarf those of most hedge funds and mutual funds. The amount of money creation necessary to buy up all those equities will spook the currency markets, leading to even more central bank intervention, which in turn will expose the contradiction inherent in the manipulate-all-markets strategy: Buying stocks with newly-created money is bad for exchange rate stability, but raising interest rates to protect a currency is bad for equity market valuations. One or the other will have to give."
- John Rubino*
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