Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Failure Of Keynesian Economics
"In normal times, arguing for massive government deficits or exotica like helicopter money and guaranteed incomes is generally done behind closed doors in order to find a way to hide the true nature of the proposal. But in late-stage bubbles so many 'innovative' ideas are being put into practice that pretty much everyone’s wish list finds high-profile backers .. In late-stage bubbles lots of ideas that have been previously discredited (or were never seriously considered) seem new again to people who either don’t have a sense of history or do have political agendas dressed up as science. And the result, so far at least, has been the same every time: Debts implode, stocks plunge, economies contract, financial assets fall out of favor and real things start attracting capital. And the people who caused the mess go quiet for a while."
- John Rubino*
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