Monday, October 17, 2016

Rob Kirby-2016 U.S. Election
Is Much Deeper Than Politics
"This circus that is being played out in a completely bought and paid for American media is taking on comic book type references. I’ve seen more serious information being disseminated on Monty Python shows than what we are currently getting in the U.S. mainstream media (MSM). . . . It’s almost unbelievable that we are living this and watching it happen." .. Kirby is most worried about global war to cover up a seriously troubled financial system. Kirby warns, "We’ve seen an awful lot of rumblings on the war front. We recently saw Russia say there is a no-fly zone in Syria. We have also seen bellicose remarks in return from the Obama Administration about preparedness for war. I believe that the Royal Air Force (UK) has just been given permission to shoot down Russian planes. Things don’t look good on that front. In recent days, we have seen the Obama Administration say they are no longer going to talk to the Russians. When you have a very loaded ammo hut, maybe the best course of action is not to enter the ammo hut with a flamethrower." .. 23 minutes

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rbblum said...

Nothing new and so many issues addressed . . . Globalists hell bent on initiating a war to reset the monetary system and diminish the overpopulation of patriots embracing liberties from God.