Monday, October 24, 2016

Myth-Busters: The Next President 
& The Economy
Dr. Ron Paul* report .. Since both candidates are interventionists, the prospects for the U.S. economy don't look good no matter who happens to win. Dr. Ron Paul debunks the latest debate myths on today's edition of Myth-Busters .. 24 minutes

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We Can Prove the Podesta Emails Released by Wikileaks Are Authentic…Here’s How

Anyone with half a brain or an ounce of honesty left, knows that the John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks are authentic. If they weren't, everyone implicated in them would have immediately and aggressively denied their claims rather than simply change the subject by blurting out some incoherent nonsense about Russia and Vladimir Putin.

So while most of us were already confident of their authenticity, a key tactic of corrupt Democratic operatives has been to try to cast doubt on them being real in order to sway the minds of some of our more cerebrally challenged citizens. As such, any technical proof that the emails are genuine is of great significance, and we can thank Robert Graham of Errata Security for providing this.

He first grabbed my attention on this topic a few days ago with a series of tweets: