Friday, October 28, 2016

Mish Shedlock*:
It's Ugly Out There
"This is a case of heads you lose, tails you lose more, possibly to the point of getting into a war with Russia under Hillary .. The election does indeed matter, for several reasons, even though I agree we all lose because both candidates have serious issues .. I fail to see how we get any meaningful reform under Hillary. I also fail to see central banks doing anything other than repeating the same mistakes they have made for the past three decades. Look at demographics in Europe and Asia. Look at housing bubbles in China, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Structural problems are massive. Risk of a collapse in trade is very real. What is going to fix the Eurozone? .. What about pension assumptions of 8% annualized? .. Yes, it’s ugly!"
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Anonymous said...

8 per cent pension assumptions ... come, come, actuaries were not that draft. Maybe 5 or 6 per cent. Oh and while on the topic ... what about life insurance companies and their assumptions in yesteryear !