Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is China About to Go 
“Scorched Earth” On The U.S.$ & The Markets?
"China’s currency, the Chinese Yuan, remains pegged to the U.S. Dollar. So when the U.S. Dollar strengthens, the Chinese Yuan strengthens too. For an economy as rife with garbage debt as China (shadow banking debt is over 200% of GDP), this is a DISASTER. With that in mind, consider that the U.S. Dollar is now at 99. Whenever the U.S. Dollar reaches these heights, China fires a warning shot at the Federal Reserve by aggressively devaluing the Yuan. And this in turn causes a stock market MELTDOWN .. China just began to aggressively devalue the Yuan AGAIN. Over 99% of investors have missed this. They continue to focus on what stocks do in the day to day. But a big move is about to hit the markets. SERIOUS money is about to be made."
- Gains, Pains & Capital
by Graham Summers look him up & find him at Phoenix Capital Research

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