Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Financial War Conversation 
With America’s Top Spy
Jim Rickards* shares the conversation he had with the only person that has ever been Director of both the National Security Agency & the Central Intelligence Agency. That person is retired Four-Star General Michael Hayden .. "My conversation with General Hayden focused on my own specialty, market intelligence (MARKINT), and the ongoing financial wars between the U.S. and Russia and Iran. Hayden agreed with me that financial war will be a primary means of warfare in the twenty-first century. He referred to financial sanctions as 'the PGMs of the twenty-first century;' a reference to Precision Guided Munitions. In effect, asset freezes would replace cruise missiles as a way to disable an enemy." .. has the U.S. gone too far - "With the U.S. putting financial pressure on Iran, Russia, and China, wasn’t it likely that these countries would create their own payments systems, develop their own banks and reserve currencies, and turn their back on the U.S. dollar system entirely? If Russia, Iran, China, Turkey and others no longer relied on U.S. dollars, then control of the dollar system would lose its potency as a weapon. Specifically, I asked if the U.S. was taking the dollar for granted as a source of strength in financial warfare."
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