Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Minsky 'MeltUp' Is Coming?
Another 5* presentation with valuable charts from Gordon T Long*. He traces the roots of the drivers of financial repression back to the 1970s .. highlights how central bank policies have caused many unintended consequences including overcapacity, malinvestments & cracks in the global supply chain .. with massive debt levels & a negative demographics environment, central banks are being forced to print money to make up for slowing economic demand .. Gord sees the potential for a Minsky Meltup in stocks after an initial selloff scare to force the political will to initiate massive fiscal stimulus on infrastructure projects as well as massive central bank buying of stocks .. points out how the Financial Repression Authority (FRA) has been accurately mapping the progression of financial repression - negative interest rates, quantitative easing, collateral guarantees, central bank stock buying, helicopter money - fiscal infrastructure stimulus .. 24 minutes

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