Monday, October 24, 2016

Felix Zulauf:
"We Are In The Last Inning"
Speaking at Barron's Art of Successful Investing conference, the global investor sees significant losses for the S&P, but an opportunity in bonds, a currency play .. does not matter who wins the elections on fate of U.S. stock market . a low around just after elections .. if Trump wins, protectionism bad for world economy .. if Clinton wins, gridlock in the U.S. Congress - no necessary structural reforms  .. "We are in the last inning of the bull market cycle .. " - early next year - stocks likely to peak .. will lead to lengthy bear market .. yields in bond market - rising yields into mid next year .. mid next year advises to go long on bonds into 2018 .. U.S.$ is main beneficiary of rising nationalism, deglobalization, weak world trade - bullish rally on U.S.$ into first part of next year.
LINK HERE to the video

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