Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Central Banks .. Buying Stocks?
Central Banks Are Buying Stocks With Something They Created From Nothing. Do You Believe The Artificial Boost Of Market Prices Is For Your Benefit?
 Cliff Küle Theme Point - Repost From Archives of July 2015
"If in the short run, to paraphrase Benjamin Graham, equities are a voting machine, then it seems many of these votes are being coerced by interventionists. China is not alone in trying to influence equity prices, central bankers the world over have become obsessed with asset prices, to the extent that the notion of central banks making outright purchases of equities is no longer confined to the lunatic fringe. Of course none of these institutions are remotely interested in 'weighing up' the long-term returns. If they were, given the absence of attractive valuations and actual cash flow growth, they might be a little more circumspect in their cheerleading."
- SocGen
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From Our Archives:
June 26, 2014
Do you know why this man is smirking?
He and the other CEOs of the 5 largest banks in America (those that for all practical purposes control the Federal Reserve that controls America's money) are in the midst of robbing everyone in America.
 People don't even know they're being robbed!
Ellen Brown Helps Cliff Küle To Explain
How This Works Here & Around The World:
The privately controlled Federal Reserve has the power to create the nation's currency by simply making an accounting entry. They can buy stocks in America's (& the world's) most valuable companies with money that is nothing but a 'book entry'. The American people are having their wealth 'diluted' by Federal Reserve banks that can take a piece of other people's wealth by simply creating more 'book entries' (currency units). A piece of America's total stock of wealth gets transferred to the banks, simply because the 'Fed' made a 'book entry'. 
China's central bank (not privately controlled) can do the very same. They can trade the currency they create for other currencies & even use those funds to buy companies around the world .. For instance, China’s central bank has been buying up stock both here and Europe with reckless abandon. [Cliff Question: Who are the winners in this game? Who are the losers?] .. . 25 minutes
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