Thursday, October 13, 2016

Calling BS On Buy & Hold Propaganda
Danielle Park & Lance Roberts dispel the myth of buy-&-hold strategies pushed by sell-side media like Forbes & CNBC .. explains why long-always assertions are harmful to real life people with finite savings & life spans .. the above chart effectively shows the compounding harm in buying the sales puff of the investment ‘business’ .. "People are not earning the returns they planned on or were ‘promised’ and in the process they have been spending too much and saving too little, all of which magnifies the negative effects of bad advice over time. It is precisely this toxic thinking that has been hollowing pensions and retirement plans from the inside out over the past 20 years. Every year we are getting older with less time to make up capital shortfalls. We must stop taking our financial advice from the product sales crowd!!
LINK HERE to the essay

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