Friday, October 14, 2016

We said in 2008 that we probably have reached 'The Keynesian Endpoint'
8 Years later & it is almost an absolute certainty.
The measured growth we have had was produced from extraordinary increases in debt that can't be serviced at a free market rate of interest. Trying to continue with Keynesian Economic policies in a Fractional Reserve Banking System that issues Debt-Based Money .. we aren't just past the PEAK. We are on the decline. THE STRUCTURE WE HAVE CANNOT HANDLE THE DEBT. THE DEBT HOLDERS NEED TO WRITE OFF & TAKE LOSSES ON THOSE DEBTS. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN PEACEFULLY IN THE SYSTEM WE HAVE .. THE MAJOR DEBT HOLDERS CONTROL OUR MONEY. 
If everyone understood how this works, there would be a revolution by tomorrow morning. We are hoping that everyone comes to understand & that the Revolution is PEACEFUL.

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