Friday, September 23, 2016

You Wanted A Liquid Currency?
You Got It
"There are no real surprises inherent in central bank rate manipulations for the foreseeable future. The trend is toward easier and easier money. And this benefits both gold and silver, but especially silver given its current, continued price status There is no doubt, of course, that considerable antipathy exists toward silver in certain parts of the elite, central-bank oriented investment community. In fact, it’s a virtual war. Silver, like gold, reduces the level of control central banks have over currency. And the struggle is always to make sure that precious metals do not accrue too much of a price advantage relative to the fiat dollar in particular .. The world, to be sure, is involved in a liquidity trend that is not about to stop. In fact, as we speculated yesterday, the idea is to create an unstoppable wave of liquidity that will eventually crash upon the world and justify a whole new financial system, This is probably why central banks have taken to purchasing gold again: They know what’s coming."
- The Daily Bell
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