Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Will Deutsche Bank Trigger 
A Domino Effect Financial Crisis?

"Deutsche is not the only bank now struggling in the zero and negative yield world of central bank design. In fact thanks to derivatives and counter-party agreements, Deutsche is today a veritable hub in the global finance cartel wheel. Financial stress is highly contagious. Policies that were rolled out to rescue global investment banks and their bond holders from the disastrous fruits of bad business models in the financial crisis, have now come full circle to evaporate viability. Mark to fantasy accounting and regulatory capture is no longer proving sufficient to offset the weight of fines, legal fees and crashing margins .. Deutsche Bank planning to raise capital by securitizing 5.5 billion of corporate loans in a synthetic collateralized loan obligation, or CLO to transfer the risk of losses to investors? Same dog, same tricks. Solvency fix or desperate stop-gap measure, what do you think?"
- Danielle Park
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