Thursday, September 01, 2016

Why The Middle Class Is Screwed
Robert Kiyosaki details - Rising healthcare costs, lower incomes, & the old rules of money .. "The middle class is spending an insane amount of it's income on health care costs .. People are not spending less on basic needs to be frugal. They're spending less because they have less .. This is also why anti-establishment politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have gained so much prominence. They understand that the status quo is not working and they appeal to large groups of people who don't share the optimism about the economy."
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Anonymous said...

OUTRAGEOUS! Why isn't the FDA granting a 6 month priority review for Radicut (Edaravone), or better yet, immediate release via Accelerated Approval (AAP) with a Phase IV confirmatory study?!? Waiting until June 2017 to make a decision is completely unacceptable. This drug is already approved for ALS is Japan.

read the comments....these people are screwed by fda