Sunday, September 11, 2016

Time To Consider More Gold & Silver 
Following The Latest Fiat Crash?
The Daily Bell considers the guessing game over whether the Federal Reserve might enact its first rate rise since December, what it means for the markets & precious metals .. "Yellen’s Fed persists in creating expectations of a hike. Supposedly, this will provide the Fed to move rates back down as necessary. In fact, what the Fed intends to do only makes sense if one remembers that central banks are at this point nothing more than a tool of global governance. Elites are determined to consolidate government at a global level and it will likely take various forms of catastrophe – war and economic ruin especially – to generate the necessary impetus to create and impose what’s necessary. Over time, central banks must invariably destroy the economies that they purport to guide and shape. Price fixing simply doesn’t work … ever. And while a patina of success can be presented by mainstream media regarding the current system, the reality of failure will inevitably surge to the fore." .. conclusion: "The cycle is turning and physical precious metals as well as precious metals miners are likely to generate profits that will outstrip mainstream equity and fixed-income positions. Certainly, as always, the timing is in doubt but surely not the eventual occurrence."
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