Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Truth About War & The Economy
Lew Rockwell talk delivered at the Peace and Prosperity 2016 Conference of the Ron Paul Institute .. talks about the negatives of war .. "War and the preparation for war deform the economy. Now this one will come as a surprise to some people since virtually everyone has heard at one time or another that war can stimulate economies. It’s true that war can stimulate parts of economies; as Ludwig von Mises pointed out,
it stimulates (as does a plague) the funeral industry .. but war cannot stimulate the economy in general.
Remember what the economy is for, after all: meeting the needs of consumers. During the war, the needs of the people take a back seat to the demands of the military. National income statistics may give the false impression of prosperity, but any fool understands that seizing money and spending it on, say, cruise missiles, can’t make the public wealthy. It merely diverts resources away from civilian use .. To get a sense of the sheer scope of the opportunity costs involved, consider the following examples. A single F-16 training jet consumes in under an hour the same amount of fuel it takes the average American motorist two years to consume. To train a single combat pilot costs between $5 million and $7 million. One year of energy use by the Pentagon could power all American mass transit systems for nearly 14 years .. War and war propaganda deform our views of other peoples .. War encourages us to think of other peoples as dispensable or simply beneath us. A wedding party is blown to smithereens in Afghanistan, and Americans yawn. But we’d certainly pay attention if the federal government blew away a wedding party in Providence, Rhode Island. We’d be nearly as shocked if in pursuit of an accused terrorist the U.S. government bombed an apartment building in London .. War corrupts the culture .. War distorts our sense of what service to others truly means .. War distorts reality itself ..  Wrapped in the trappings of patriotism, home, songs, and flags, the state deludes people into despising a leader and a country that until that point they had barely even heard of, much less had an informed opinion about, and it teaches its subjects to cheer the maiming and death of fellow human beings who have never done them any harm." .. promotes Dr. Ron Paul*'s libertarian views.
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