Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Currents Of Western Society
Are Locked Into Place & Will Continue
To Create Catastrophe
"Banking elites have one way to create real global governance and that is via continued destruction of the current system. Only when mere shards are left will desperate and dying people agree that the system that has created their plight ought to be expanded, deepened and further globalized. Destruction precedes further globalization. This is the way. The rise of populists such as Mr Trump has come at a time when trust in institutions and experts has been ebbing among some sections of the public. This will only make life more difficult for technocratic and somewhat mysterious institutions such as the Fed .. As Ludwig von Mises pointed out, even a little socialism is deadly to society and Western societies are slathered with socialism. Schools, banks, corporations – every part of society is filled with government interference in the private sector .. Powerful forces have turned a republic into a government driven entity and it is most questionable as to whether there is a way back. The real problem is that even if Trump wins, the larger currents of Western society are seemingly locked into place and will continue to create catastrophe."
- The Daily Bell
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