Friday, September 16, 2016

The "Crazies" Are In Politics?
[In the essay (link below) Jeffrey Snyder vents on Alan Greenspan & the damage he has done. We agree, but disagree. Greenspan's problem was pandering to the banking power instead of fighting its unconstitutional & corrupting existence (see 'Panderer To Power' by Fred Sheehan link). Today's crazy politics is no more crazy than it was crazy to give monopoly control of the country's money to a group of investment banking 'families'. Greenspan is actually speaking sense these days .. now that his vision isn't clouded (& he doesn't feel that he 'has to' lie) by being part of & working for the banking 'families'. The crazy politics that has taken hold? .. yes .. it's genesis was in the crazy structure & self-enriching policies of the Federal Reserve Scheme.]
- Jeffrey Snider: "For some reason Alan Greenspan’s opinions are still taken seriously ... yet somehow to the media & to some nontrivial extent beyond he has maintained credibility. What is most offensive is that he now acknowledges the economic despondency but only as if it was just mere circumstance or accident. Alan Greenspan is shamelessly trying to get ahead of what he seems to be calling the mob, the crazies who at some point will start digging into what he actually did at the Fed rather than simply accepting the myths that he still manages to live by. When that happens, we will see exactly who is tarred with the disapproving pejorative of 'crazy.' I have little doubt that it will be he who is stuck with that word and many more far less flattering, a provably fitting end to and for the 'maestro.' It won’t be crazy at all; it will be in his own words."
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