Friday, September 02, 2016

Sound Money Is
The Cornerstone To A Great Society,
To A Great Economy & To Freedom
[HONEST MONEY is another way that some people refer to SOUND MONEY. Cliff Küle is trying to find the presentations that reveal the ways that our economic problems are due to having moved away from using SOUND & HONEST MONEY]
2 essays this week just out which emphasize our key theme on the importance of sound money .. 
1. James Dale Davidson’s The Breaking Point: "The long run meets the present where systems that no longer pay their way exhaust their credit and go broke. The Breaking Point is a nonlinear departure on the road to nowhere. It occurs when collateral collapses, burying the public’s faith in fiat money and the institutions that create and regulate it."
LINK HERE to the essay
2. Charles Hugh Smith*: "How did Byzantium endure for 1,000 years after the fall of Rome? There are many factors, of course .. 1. A stable currency. When the Empire devalued its currency for the first time in the 13th century, it triggered a long-lasting loss of faith in the currency. This devaluation was the beginning of the end, as the Empire never recovered its financial footing. Lesson: you cannot devalue your way to stability, influence, power or prosperity."
link here to the essay

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