Sunday, September 18, 2016

Silver Bullion Market – 
“Still The Most Bullish Story Ever Told?”
Interview with Ted Butler from .. Butler: "First you must understand the price of silver is set on the COMEX by two large opposing forces. On the short side are the big banks or traders led by JPMorgan. Four of these big traders are short 72% of the total commercial short position .. Those big traders are manipulating the market in order to reap massive profits. Miners and industrial users are supposed to set prices, not big short speculators. They’ve gotten so big in gold and silver futures they are a threat to their own solvency. It has to end and I think that will be soon." . sees the free market as winning in the end - with silver prices likely to go much higher than today as a result .. "I think they are trying to get out of their big paper short position and are not having much luck. It seems like they are doing things to keep a silver shortage from happening. They don’t want the price to go up until they have driven the price of silver down to the point the technical-fund holders sell to them and as they buy from these tech funds their short position is reduced."
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