Friday, September 23, 2016

Ray Dalio*: Allocate Maybe 5% Or 10% 
Of Your Total Portfolio To Gold 
Ray Dalio appeared on Bloomberg to give a special talk about why economies & stock markets stagnate & fall into recessions . he also shares his thoughts on what everyone misunderstands about financial markets & gives two simple tips for anyone wanting to be an investor: Dalio says, "I would not want to go against myself in the financial markets." He says new investors should develop a proper asset allocation strategy. Do not buy only stocks or only bonds. You should be doing countless hours of research as well. "Don't compete against pros like me. You're probably going to lose." He's essentially saying that without a proper plan & risk management strategy, he & other funds like his will take your money .. Be prudent & diversification will help. That even means gold. Allocate maybe 5% or 10% of your total portfolio to gold. Why? Precious metal is a hedge against Central Banks making mistakes & hurting the currency your country operates with .. about 30 minutes

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