Monday, September 26, 2016

Merkel Says No Aid For Deutsche Bank; 
Depositor Bail-In Coming Up?
"The €72 trillion (notional) derivatives mess known as Deutsche Bank remains under severe pressure. It’s market cap is $17.43 billion. It has no earnings and pays no dividend .. We are all guessing. Here are two of my guesses .. Deutsche Bank’s problems go far beyond the fines .. Its derivatives mess is so tangled that it may not know itself where it stands .. What is Deutsch Bank’s exposure to the collapsing Italian bank system? .. What is Deutsch Bank’s exposure to other troubled European banks? .. Is Deutsch Bank Prepping for an Avalanche of Fraud Charges on its Gold Derivative Products? .. If a depositor bail-in is not coming, how can Deutsche bank pay the fines now that Merkel ruled out state aid. Depositors beware!"
- Mish Shedlock*
link here to the commentary

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