Friday, September 09, 2016

How Blockchain Technology & Gold 
Can Work Together
Free-market economist Thorsten Polleit explains how gold-on-the-blockchain technology "appears to hold great potential when it comes to making possible a world of digital gold money transactions .. the evolution of the blockchain largely circumvents many of the obstacles governments put in the way of a free market in money .. when we’re comparing to government fiat money, digital currencies can offer attractive alternatives. The same goes for gold lovers, who may see blockchain technology as the means of conveying physical gold; and in the end digitized gold money could become a practical option."
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How Gold Can Be Stored On Blockchain
"A blockchain is a powerful data structure that promises to revolutionise the way that people conduct business around the world. However, as it is a fairly new invention, not a great deal of people know about blockchain. A blockchain allows people to buy, sell, and trade in gold ... one thing is for sure, it has never been easier to store your gold digitally than with a blockchain."
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