Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gold Bugs Rejoice
Central Bankers Think That 
You Are On To Something
Guess who’s buying lots of gold? .. "Central banks are piling into gold. They have been ever since the financial crisis .. In fact, says a new report from the OMFIF (Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) research group, central banks have been buying gold at a rate of 350 tonnes a year for the last eight years. That takes us back to the sorts of levels we saw in the pre-1970 era .. It’s hard to see a route out of today’s debt burdens. But I suspect that it will involve some major shift in the monetary regime. I’m talking along the lines of a wholesale shift that will in the future be labelled as an “era”, in the same way as we label the Bretton Woods era now. What will it look like? I don’t know. An intense suspicion of cash and an increasing reliance on digital currency seems likely to be part of it, judging by the mood music. But whatever happens, regime change is a chaotic period during which few things can be relied upon. So having a bit of gold in your portfolio – just like our central bankers – seems like a sensible precaution."
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Every Western World Democracy Is Broke. They can't pay their debts based on their current income. That doesn't mean they need to formally declare themselves to be BANKRUPT. They can repay their debts if they DEBAUCH their currency. They are committing DEBAUCHERY with their currency .. which is your money. They understand what they are doing. Do you understand what they are doing?

We have been asked why we don't write more about climate change & war & other social issues instead of focusing our indignation on the monetary system & it's injustices. Cliff Küle will maintain its focus until everyone understands a deceptively simple concept that eludes the thinking process of many highly intelligent people (both bleeding heart liberals & hardass conservatives can't seem to notice how the CONFIDENCE GAME works & how it is integral to dealing with climate change & war & other social issues). See the quote below from Robert Reich, a highly intelligent liberal who just doesn't 'get it'.
Robert Reich does not understand. Using the Federal Reserve System means that you can't get big money out of politics!! People think that money & politics can be separated like distinct elements. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 fused money & politics together into one 'molecule'. Republicans & Democrats came together cooperatively when there was money 'in it' for both of them. They jointly made a devilishly ingenious agreement with a small syndicate of banking 'families'. The 'Deal of the Century' arranged for a privileged syndicate of bankers to control the money that the U.S. Government would be required to use. BOTH Democrats & Republicans would require the American people to use the money controlled by THAT privileged syndicate of banking families. The Constitution had stipulated that only Congress could issue money & voters could remove Congress from power if Congress did not use the Money Power prudently. By surreptitiously 'sub contracting' the Money Power to a private syndicate of banking families, voters lost the 'checks & balances' that gave them oversight to control Congress & its constitutionally granted Money Power. The power to control those who can create money was covertly taken away from the people. The contract that Congress gave to a private syndicate of banking families would help certain Politicians & Bankers to become incredibly rich & powerful. ONLY the common people lose in that 'deal with the devil'. It was an unconstitutional deal in a number of ways, but no one seems to care about that part of the Constitution. It was an unconscionable deal AND people need to understand it in order to fix it. Metaphorically, the problem lays 'deep underground at the base of the root' of every transaction. Those who don't 'look under the surface' will never see how the Confidence Game functions. Highly intelligent people like Robert Reich don't 'see' that you can't 'get big money out of politics' with our money structured as it is. We hope to get as many people as possible to understand this. Robert Reich has a good point (on the surface of things). He just doesn't seem to see how 'The Great Confidence Game' that creates & distributes our money is hiding below the surface of all the reforms he wants.

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