Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Going The Way Of The Denarius
International Man's Jeff Thomas: "Human nature remains the same throughout time. Two thousand years ago, governments were typically made up of egotistical, self-centred dictatorial types, who were far more concerned with their own power than in the general welfare of their people. Today, politics remains a magnet for such people. They therefore will revert to type when faced with the very same problems .. If we spend more than we receive .. should we cut back our expenditures, or should we go into debt? We’ll go into debt .. If the debt grows to be beyond what can ever be repaid, should we cut back expenditures, or should we allow the economy to collapse? Well, we’re sorry to see the economy collapse, but rather than deny ourselves, get out the fiddle and let Rome burn .. Modern governments have a tendency to make precisely the same mistakes with regard to currencies. First, empire-building drains the coffers to the point that maintaining a sound economy is no longer possible, then successive 'emperors' make the decision to debase the currency in an effort to keep the party going a bit longer. Of course, 'inflating the problem away' never actually works. Just as Rome went into an irreversible decline, so the empire of today is self-destructing, due, in part, to monetary debasement."
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