Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"elements of a worldwide collapse
 have been .. fitted together"
"This is the reality of the U.S. economy, then: the U.S. dollar is losing its status as the world’s sole reserve currency. One can speculate from this that there will be, sooner or later, significant price inflation as the dollar weakens. Additionally, of course we have massive amounts of dollars that have yet to find their way back to the U.S.. Finally, it is perfectly possible that China could unleash some of its dollar reserves as a warning. It is fashionable to say theories about monetary supply and demand are misguided, but that has never been our perspective. Just as in the 1970s, we are entering a more severe stagflation – as Greenspan has predicted – that will inevitably result in high prices and higher rates. The trouble is that sovereign, industrial and consumer debt are so high these days that higher rates will not create solvency. They likely will create a collapse. And this is the 'end game' – the desired finality. With the world prostrate and its remnants of liquidity frozen, banking elites will swoop in with the final – global – solution. Perhaps the SDR will become the functional currency. Perhaps the IMF or the BIS will become the new central bank. Perhaps the UN will become the seat of global government. The reality here, if you take a step back, is that the U.S. is not 'recovering' or not for long. The elements of a worldwide collapse have been painstakingly fitted together. All that is needed now is a trigger."
- The Daily Bell
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rbblum said...

Sanity in world currencies should revert back to the natural governance of the gold standard while global governance of man, by man, will remain elusive.

Cliff Küle said...

well said